Youth Group

Elaine Welzant – Youth Pastor

We are the ‘Thru the Roof Youth Student Ministries’ of the Norwich Worship Center. Our Youth Group name is based on Mark Chapter 2: 1-5. We are teaching our Youth to do whatever it takes to get their friends to Jesus.

We have a group of Youth Leaders who are dedicated, funny, unique and have an overwhelming desire to see our Youth experience the Love of God. Our Youth Leaders are Shane Speight, Stacey Cloutier Alaura Sminkey, Jessica Welzant – and this dynamic team is led by our Youth Pastor Elaine Welzant. Together our vision is to help our Youth find their purpose and fulfill their destiny with the gifts and talents they have been given by God.

Our Youth Group is for Grades 6-12, and we meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. The Youth of our church are active and involved in a variety of  activities like camping trips, scavenger hunts and other gatherings to create an atmosphere where together we can build wonderful friendships and help learn how to pursue our purpose and fulfill our destiny.

If you’re looking for an active and exciting Youth Group for your teens, and their friends then we invite you to go “Thru the Roof” to help your teens experience the presence, power, and love of Jesus.