Welcome to Norwich Worship Center

We are delighted that you chose to look into our fellowship. Our desire is that you would be warmly welcomed here at our website as well as at the church should you decide to attend.

We at Norwich Worship Center are a Bible-believing fellowship with a heart for the community. We are convinced that God would have us build bridges to the local community and to the world to bring folks a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We don’t see ourselves as simply preachers, but as God’s people living out the truth of Jesus, letting our Lord be seen through our lives, love, and our actions.

Our fellowship is non-denominational, and as our name implies we believe in expressive worship corporately and individually. In worship, our people dance, sing, raise hands, clap, prophecy, and do whatever else they feel God may be moving them to express themselves in worship. We believe in ‘worship in Spirit and in Truth’.

This being said, we welcome all who seek to find their way to God. 

If you have questions or a spiritual need we would help you with, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to serve you, and certainly, we hope to see you again.

Norwich Worship Center

• Take back what the devil has stolen from the people of God in this area

• To re-establish the Holy Name of the Lord in this territory

• To see the spiritual desolate places bloom once again like a garden

• To spiritually rebuild this area into a habitation of the Lord

• To impact this and all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ