Children’s Ministry

The Norwich Worship Center Kid’s Church offers programs for children ages K- 5th Grade. Our Children’s Services are held during the Sunday Morning Worship Service and the Wednesday Evening Service. Our desire is to create an atmosphere where Children grow up with and are familiar with the Presence of God, the Power of God, and the ability to talk with God. There is a very focused structure that can be seen throughout the Children’s services through what we believe God is revealing as the key elements necessary to establish a faith-building, fun-filled, and exciting experience for children.

Bible Stories: Each week the Bible Story introduced will build on the Memory Verse we would like to see the children work on. All Bible Stories will be read to the children by children and Kids Church Staff as a way of reinforcing that reading the bible is part of your life and can be done at church and at home. Our Kid’s Church Staff is hilarious, and they love coming up with interesting and unique ways to make the stories come to life for the children.

Crafts: Creative ways to help emphasize the lessons being taught in Memory Verses and Bible Stories. These items are not limited to just arts and crafts but bring in a full array of different activities for kids to help emphasize the Memory Verses and Bible Stories. These hands-on crafts are meant to ensure that what they are learning in class can and will be extended outside of kid’s church and remembered at home.

Games: Using games to help build self-esteem, character, integrity, and teamwork your children will love Kid’s Church at the Norwich Worship Center.