We as Christians are a sent people. To be self-centric and myopic is to miss the beauty of connecting in the world in which we exist. We don’t have to partake of everything that happens around us but we don’t have to hide from it either. As a sent people it’s okay to worship in the marketplace while enjoying life. It’s okay to hang out where the sinners hang and have fun while creatively reaching them. We have to stop the silly isolation out of fear that the world will have a negative impact on us…that’s self-centric thinking. You are not battling temptation unless you willingly battle temptation…As a child of God, that temptation has already been defeated. Don’t give it any space in your mind. However, if you want to be self-centric, you’ll battle. If you want to be a child of God, you’ll just win. Get out of your safety bubble and enjoy abundant life while being in the world but not of it…be being sent everywhere you go!