I love date night, with my beautiful wife. It does not matter what we do together or where we go, I just love spendingtime with her. I look forward to it,  sometimes it is Tuesdays, and other weeks our children and their schedules create the need for flexibility.

Setting time aside to spend with our loved ones is important. For many of us we run from event to event, from task to task, and at the end of the day exhausted walk into our homes and collapse next to the ones we love. Have you ever found yourself realizing that due to the business of your schedule you have not shared a very important detail with your spouse.

Take out your phone, and go to your calendar, pick a date, a couple of dates and set some time aside with your children, your spouse, your friends and family. You will find yourself building an overwhelming excitement and anticipation as the time approaches. These moments in life are what energize us, get us excited and provide ‘Times of Refreshing for our souls.

That is how I look at my time early in the morning in prayer and listening for the voice of God. Can you hear Him throughout the day, if not find the time to pursue and seek the one thing that really matters. When you find time for the things and people that refresh you, you will find yourself more and more excited at the chance to make a difference in the World.