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My Favorite Night of the week.

by Chris Colter

I love date night, with my beautiful wife. It does not matter what we do together or where we go, I just love spendingtime with her. I look forward to it, ┬ásometimes it is Tuesdays, and other weeks our children and their schedules create the need for flexibility. Setting time aside to spend with our […]

7 Ways To Be Excellent In The Workplace – Pastor Jeff Sharp

by Chris Colter

7 Ways To Be Excellent In The Workplace 1. Proactively do something beneath your position. It is totally normal and should be expected that you will work hard at something you are supposed to do, but what if during your lunch break, you cleaned the dishes in the sink, wiped up the bathroom, helped someone […]

Worship it’s not just for Sunday Mornings

by Chris Colter

Worship for many is something they look forward to on Sunday Morning, for me I look forward to it like my lungs look forward to oxygen. I find great joy in randomly bursting out into song in Wal-Mart, Dunkin Donuts or anywhere I am. Often while singing out loud at the top of my lungs […]