On Feb 10th 2012 a friend, a mentor, and a huge part of our Norwich Worship Center Family passed away. Ed was filled with love and wisdom and passed that wisdom on too so many Recently on Easter Sunday his wife Carol shared this short teaching she had found in the many teachings he had written we share it with you today.

Written by Ed Dascomb we believe around 2005:

I believe in the Resurrection primarily because I have gotten to know God I know that God is Love, and I know that we human beings want to keep alive those that we love. I do not let my loved ones die, they live on in my memory and my heart long after I have stopped seeing them. For whatever reason human freedom lies at the core, where loved ones die, are murdered, or simply pass with untimely enexplainable deaths. Yet I believe. If I did not believe then I would not believe in a loving God – that God is not satisfied with such a blighted planet.

Divine love will find a way to overcome. ‘Death where is your Sting’? God will not let death win. There is a detail from the crucifixion that I find intriguing. Why did Jesus keep the scars on His hands, feet and Side? Presumably Jesus could have selected and resurrected body he wanted. The scars to Jesus were to Him the emblem of life on our planet, a reminder of those days in confinement in a skeleton and human skin.

I take hope in Jesus scars. From the perspective of heaven, they represent the most horrible event, that has ever happened in the history of the universe. Even that event though – the crucifixion, because of Easter, I can hope that the tears we shed, the blows we receive, the emotional pain, the heartache over lost ones, all those memories like Jesus scars never completely go away, but neither do they hurt any longer.

We will have re-created bodies, a re-created heaven and earth. We will have a new start – an Easter Start.

Ed Dascomb