As I awoke this morning I was overwhelmed with the realization that the celebration of Easter has not ended. For some Easter happens once a year. For those of us that believe, Easter has been a non stop continuous celebration for some 2000 years.  As believers our challenge is to each day make sure that the Resurrection power of our Risen Savior is celebrated in our lives daily, experienced in our lives always, and expressed through our lives freely and often to others. Our Faith is so much more than celebrating His birth at Christmas, and His death, burial and resurrection at Easter.

HE IS RISEN applies to us as much on July 1st as it did yesterday, and should cause in us the kind of celebration often reserved for Sports Teams. Today you may run out of eggs, jelly beans, ham and chocolates, but I pray that you realize that there is an unending supply of Resurrection Power. That because he lives,  You can do the impossible, experience the improbable and bring hope, love, joy peace and power everywhere you go.

The Celebration of His Resurrection did not end this morning. As death could not hold Him, One day alone is not enough to celebrate Him. I challenge you today to celebrate the resurrection, and the life