We posess and ability far greater than we have acknowledged or even understand. In our hearts is an overwhelming desire to make a difference in the world. To create good, to do good, to be good, this exists because we were made in the image of God.

We all want the best to happen to us and through us in this life. For many of us the challenge is we find ourselves often surrounded and thinking about  our own circumstances, responsibilities and limitations,  and these often stop us from seeing our potential, our purpose, our destiny  and ability.

In order to live out our purpose and make a difference in a community we must have a vision, a dream, a desire, a passion that burns inside of us, that guides us and reminds us that we are here for a purpose greater than consuming  our resources and abilities on only ourselves.

Life offers many opportunities for us to experience it to the fullest, but few things awaken our Spirits like making a difference in the lives of others. It can be addicting when you begin to live a lifestyle where the needs of others is considered a high priority on your to do list. Where your decisions incorporate your purpose and your destiny.

The ability to inspire others to Greatness through our own actions, words, thoughts and dreams is the essence of the Pursuit of our relationship with Christ.  I am of the belief that it is impossible to do too much good. Some folks believe you can not help everyone, and help with everything. I say lets live our lives in a way where we try to prove that wrong. After all we have Jesus on our side.

We place limitations on ourselves and our abilities often before we even try. You are not required to do it all by yourself, or to just inspire those in your circle of influence. Passion is contagious and can often be the fuel that makes the difference.

Hope is the foundation that a community must be built on, as it is the seed of Faith. We hope that we can leave better opportunities for our children and grandchildren then we were given. We hope that we can pass on wisdom to the next generation to do things differently than we did. Most of all we hope that our mistakes, and failures are not repeated by future generations, that from our mistakes and failures they will find a better way, an easier way, a way that will inspire others, and remind them that there is nothing more wonderful than living in a community created by hard work, and purposeful giving.

Change never magically happens, it is a by product of vision, purpose, and the ability to dream bigger than your abilities. Some dream based on their limited resources, some dream based on the mindset of what they would do if they won the lottery, very few of us dream based on the potential of unlimited resources, unlimited abilities, and unlimited potential found in Christ.

Dreamers  looking for change in their community must be ready and willing to list the impossible first and work backwards from there. So many of us have been taught to pursue SMART goals, that we naturally limit the potential of our abilities and resources before we even  start to dream.

What would you want for your community if resources were not an obstacle. Well that is not realistic because resources are an obstacle you say. See we have not even begun the exercise and you have already limited yourself, your community and the future of your children and grandchildren.

What do you want, what do you see, what do you believe will make the world a better place. Your dream may not be perfect, it may not be possible with your eyes, but if one seed of greatness can be found and watered, while we may not see it in our lifetimes, are you willing to dig the hole plant the seed and teach future generations how to water it.

What if your dream would not come to pass in your lifetime? What if you would not get credit for greatness, you only helped mentor those who ushered it in. What if no one remembered your name, or what you did, would you still do it anyway?

For so many of us the pursuit of greatness is not just about changing the world or making history, but making a difference in our present. For us to truly change history we must first begin to change our present circumstances, and that only begins to happen when we change the way we think, talk, act and dream.

Do you remember the Sermon when Jeff said ‘ Pray, because your prayers will bring change., speak out because your words are powerful, take action because action always makes a difference.”

Dreaming is more than a state of being asleep, I believe it is time for us to dream while we are awake, and dream the dreams that our families and our communities have been waiting for. The dreams that will inspire us, and our children to greatness. The Dreams that cause us to look into the eyes of our spouses and children and say with confidence follow me, as I follow Christ. The Dreams that cause us to arise a little earlier to hear his voice

Our Families, Our Church and Our Communities need People of Purpose, People of Destiny, People committed to the Pursuit of Greatness, People who are willing to be World Changers and History Makers.

Is that YOU?